"Dead Stare" is a short horror film about a former famous actress no longer in her prime who is deeply affected by the social media standards of today’s world. She suffers from a severe mental disorder that causes her to fear aging and obsess over maintaining her youth at any cost. Lisha resorts to extreme measures to maintain her youthful appearance, and her pursuit of eternal beauty leads her down a dark and dangerous path. However, she is in constant inner conflict and struggles with guilt and remorse for her actions. Despite her desires, Lisha battles with her own demons and tries to find a way to cope with her fear of aging while also dealing with the consequences of her choices. Despite Lisha’s inner turmoil and obsession with maintaining her youth, she finds comfort and peace in her home and particularly her rose garden. The garden is a sight to behold and appears like it’s out of a fairy tale, offering Lisha an escape from reality. However, beneath the surface of this beautiful paradise, Lisha is hiding a sinister and dangerous secret. The rose garden, which seems like a heaven of beauty and tranquility, hides a dark and deadly truth that Lisha must keep hidden at all costs.